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's 2018|19

she is Susmita, we call her Susmie.
su energy, positivity y light she inspired us to push this brand and call it by her name.
Susmie's Collection.

we don't want to seek sympathy.
we don't want sad looks.
we want all of usto value the facilities we have, 
we want to live in a societycheerful and grateful.
we want everyone to be pleased for those simple things we don't take into account but we need so much.
we want to be a little more like Susmie.

Starting in 2019

The first time we went to Nepal was in 2018 and our goal was only to volunteer in Chitwan, the hottest area with the fewest resources in the country. We were so impressed by the Nepalese way of living and working that we wanted to go further, and decided to be part of it.

On June 2019we returned with the aim of creating an export network ofhandmade products. We were able to get to know the workshops, the artisans, the vendors... It was incredible thegratitude they showed by giving them the opportunity to take their products across borders and their art beyond Nepal. Being able to make known their work and boosting their economy through e-commerce for them is a dream.
 It was a hard trip with ups and downs, long negotiations, a lot of walking, reunion with the children... but we made sure that we offered something more than bags and scarves:
human stories behind each purchase.
Behind each product, each fabric and each detail is a workshop, aperson and a manual and totally artisan production process. 



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