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's 2020

aAlthough we are a small brand, we want to grow little by little, being transparent with our Susmie's community. 

Guateque Collection- September 2020
in september we wanted to produce a collection with organic materials, km 0 and high quality. We know that the prices of this collection are higher, but we always want to offer product capsules that make the world a little better place. We hope little by little to grow and be able to get more capsules of this type.Jarana Collection- July 2020
With the Covid-19 situation, while continuing to support our Nepalese partners who have grown with us, we saw it as important to promote local and European trade, and expand our collection.
Thus, we designed our first collection of jewelry ourselves, with original designs, Greek pieces and produced in Barcelona.

Sun Collection- June 2020

ccollection produced in the workshop of our friend Viver, in Nepal.
to know our complete history in Nepal you can read it on the menu page 's 2018|19


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